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Loved Bags

Your bag is worth a lot

Do you have a Designer Vintage bag which you do not use anymore? Make other people happy with your bag. Besides we buy our bags from verified companies, we also buy from consumers. Folllow the next steps to sell your bags to us:

Step 1

Send us photos of the bags you want to sell and explain in more detail what condition the bags are and what is included.

Step 2

After we have seen the images and your details, we will come back to you with a price quote.

Step 3

If you agree with the price quote, send us your items. We will investigate the authenticity and look in more detail to the condition.

Step 4

After the authenticity and investigation is done, we let you know if the price quote is still valid. After that, we can pay you out by banktransfer, PayPal or give you a Giftcard for our Online Shop.